Kelly Viavattine  

With an extensive background in skin health, Kelly Viavattine brings a unique and superlative level of experience to her work as a Celebrity Aesthetician. Kelly begin her career as a mentee to skincare pioneer, Kate Somerville, serving as her right hand while working on some of the most photographed faces in the world.

Now, with over 10 years of professional experience, Kelly has earned the reputation of providing the deepest level of cleansing and extracting – capable of clearing even the most stubborn skin issues, namely acne! Her knowledge spans the depth of how skin products should work on a chemical level as well as how they will work with each individual’s temperament and concerns. Kelly’s distinctive approach to skincare reaches far into diet, gut ecology, exercise and holistic health.

Today, Kelly’s celebrity clients include Bethany Joy Lenz, Katherine McPhee, Oliva Culpo, Ruby Rose to name a few… Well-known for her uncanny ability to enhance the beauty of all her clients, Kelly has become a go-to for Hollywood’s top celebrities seeking her soft and trusted touch for press junkets, red carpet events and photo shoots.

In 2016, in an effort to bring skin health education to everyone, Kelly launched The Dew.  Along with her fellow Dew Girls and an elite group of skin experts, Kelly examines, tests, rates and brings to light a vast array of skin products, regimens, treatments, and precisely how they can all promote your skin health. Welcome to The Dew.    

Photo by Mike Rosenthal.

Photo by Mike Rosenthal.

Abigail (Abby) Spencer

Abby is the daughter of professional surfer Yancy Bailey Spencer III, and artist and teacher Lydia Spencer, and middle child between both professional surfing brothers Sterling & Yancy Spencer IV. Of course, Abigail was destined to be the greatest female surfer that ever lived. If it weren't for skin. That's right: skin. Lydia's fear of the sun (and yes married to a surfer) and commitment to cancer free and youthful skin took Abby off the beach & into dance class thus setting her down the path to becoming a professional actress and artist.

You might know Abby from her work on Mad Men, Suits, Cowboys & Aliens, Chasing Mavericks, Oz the Great and Powerful, and True Detective. But her role as Amantha Holden on the critically acclaimed Rectify cemented her commitment to fully realized whole female characters in the much needed space. Expanding into producing, Abigail has worked on the short film Here and Now, which won Ron Howard's Project Imagination, and the 2016 Oscar shortlisted film Winter Light.

In front of the camera and off, taking care of her skin has become synonymous with her craft. If it weren't for her mother's foresight and slight obsession as a skin care sales rep for the little known Vanda, who knows where she'd be; Surfer. Lawyer. Etch a sketch master. Regardless, she is a constant skin enthusiast to the fullest degree and now gets to bring all the passions, explorations and purpose together here at the dew.  Let's dew this thang.                                                

Krissy Korver

Krissy is an entrepreneur, entertainment attorney, writer, mother of three, special needs advocate...and happens to have incredibly, um, well-preserved skin for a woman in her forties. (It's just the truth). Born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania, the daughter of an elegant woman from the Philippines and an avid all-American outdoorsman, she spent her formative days playing outside in all seasons, and getting the most envied tan of all her friends.

Truth is, she actually felt like she stuck out like a tan sore thumb. Though her skin heritage lent for easy tanning and slow aging (thank you Asian skin genes), Krissy became acutely aware of skin health when she developed eczema as a pre-teen. Doctor’s orders at age twelve in order to eliminate these itchy, blotchy, white patches on her body were to be diligent, gentle, and thorough with cleansing and moisturizing every inch of skin on her body, using only the most pure products, every single day! Oh, and use sunscreen please. Krissy took heed, and this life sentence of chronic eczema actually became the saving grace of her olive, and from then on, mostly eczema-free skin.

Working for and launching multiple production companies (Fox Television, Lifetime Television, Fifty Foot Films, Paper Tape Films, Cinelicious, Cinelicious Pics) in Los Angeles - and exposed to the mecca of luxury medi-spas, top celebrity plastic surgeons and health experts - over the past two decades, she’s seen her entire peer group handle aging in every way imaginable.  Through her work with Fifty Foot Films, she had the privilege over a decade of producing hundreds of wedding films for very discerning brides (including Jessica Capshaw, Christina Aguilera, Mariska Hargitay and Kate Walsh), and became an expert on how skin looks on film.  Working with top photographers such as Elizabeth Messina and Amy and Stuart, and the best event designers and planners in the industry like Yifat Oren and Lisa Vorce, the driving consensus is that perfect makeup and precisely filtered lenses cannot take the place of radiant skin.  "Sure you can load on heavy makeup , and tweak things in post production, but when a bride - no matter her age or amount of wrinkles - has glowing, radiant, dewy skin, it shines through like nothing else. The camera finds her like a magnet." says Korver on her work with women on film.  Sharing her mutual passion for skin health with Abby and Kelly, and harnessing her entrepreneurial drive once again, the dew is born.