under dew-velopment: the dew basics

We at the dew have big plans.  First and foremost, as we mentioned earlier, we want to reach you, teach you, hear you and share our stories, favorite products, and expert knowledge with you.  A big second is we are developing an effective, safe, non-toxic, nutrient packed and dewlicious product line.  We will make it clear exactly what "to dew" with each product starting with its very name.  As we begin to develop each product we will post the name and a brief description to whet your skin care appetites.  Here is the starting line up and we promise much more to come as we expand our horizons.  


Our everyday cleanser will be compatible with all skin types and can be used am/pm.


The perfect exfoliator doesn't strip your skin and leave it feeling raw but gently buffs it and leaves it ready to receive the rest of our expertly refined skin care regimen  Our dew buff exfoliator will be a combo chemical and physical exfoliant.


Our everyday serum will infuse your skin with antioxidant rich ingredients that fend off free radicals and environmental toxins.



Hydrating is key, and only the first step in truly moisturizing your skin.


Our moisturizer will effectively seal in your hydrated skin and combat dryness and dehydration.